Firm Overview


McNamee & McNamee, PLL and its predecessor law firms have been practicing law in the Miami Valley since 1992. Our firm practices exclusively in the areas of business and municipal law as “a law firm designed for business.” Although our firm is small, our focus and experience in these specialized practice areas make us competitive with the business and municipal legal departments of even the largest law firms.

A distinctive quality of McNamee & McNamee is the unique abilities of its attorneys. Besides having extensive backgrounds in business outside of legal practice, our attorneys are thoroughly cross-trained in transactional and litigation matters, enabling them to negotiate better contracts in the boardroom and better results in the courtroom for our clients.

Our Distinctive Approach

McNamee & McNamee takes a pro-active approach to law. Anticipating potential legal issues and advance planning for proper solutions lead to better results and reduced legal expenses. In contrast to this increasingly litigious society, we strive to provide business resolutions rather than immediately suggesting legal action. In so doing, we are able to keep our fees lower by avoiding the most expensive component of legal representation: litigation. In those instances when litigation is unavoidable, however, our firm is skilled and ready to handle even the most complex cases. With our proven litigation track record, no one offers better representation in a court of law.

McNamee & McNamee is flexible and creative in developing legal solutions. Whether this relates to appropriate staffing of a project, alternative fee structures, or simply addressing a legal issue in a nontraditional way, we are experienced and confident enough to embrace new and better ideas. This is our cornerstone to building long-term, quality relationships with our clients.

Commitment to the Community

There is more to being a good corporate citizen than operating a reputable business. At McNamee & McNamee we understand the importance of giving back to the community. This includes performing pro bono legal services for less fortunate individuals and charitable causes, volunteer services and contributions to school and city projects, and taking leadership roles in community organizations. Our attorneys and staff have a history of service and leadership in the Miami Valley demonstrating our collective commitment to the community.

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